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PROGRAM Artist Edition

ARKET Artist Edition invites selected creators to contribute directly to ARKET’s collections. The program offers a new space for illustrators to explore their respective themes, and has been initiated to create a diversity of aesthetic expressions in children’s wear. The featured artists and works all share a common sense of playfulness and free imagination, and provide vivid, fantastic worlds that inspire new perspectives.


Artist edition Jana Glatt

Following up on her childhood engagement in theatre classes and a fascination for characters and costuming, artist Jana Glatt uses her design skills to create colourful sceneries for a family of vivid characters. In collaboration with Jana Glatt, ARKET presents a children’s collection featuring her illustrations of animals busy doing sports. Created with a lot of humor and the simplistic expression that is significant for Jana’s artistry, the animals all have their own personalities. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, illustrator Jana Glatt currently has Cologne as a base for her artistry. Her illustrations appear in books, on textiles and she is part of a variety of design projects.

Artist edition Marion Deuchars

The works of Scottish artist Marion Deuchars (b. 1964) are defined by imaginative combinations of simple shapes and motifs with a tactile quality. Her designs for ARKET’s children’s collection are based on her book ‘Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art’, an interactive activity book that invites children and adults to create a gallery of surprising creatures by using only ink and their own hands.

Artist edition Takashi Tsushima

The works of Japanese illustrator Takashi Tsushima (b. 1969) are defined by geometric shapes and a soft semi-transparent quality, reminiscent of watercolour painting. His artworks and prints are created for books, textile designs and pottery, as well as being exhibited in their own right. His illustrations for ARKET’s children’s collection depict a group of familiar temperate-forest animals, all captured with a characteristic whimsy.

artist edition Amélie Fontaine

French artist Amélie Fontaine (b. 1987) lives and works in Paris. Her illustrations have a distinct graphic style; a simple palette of minimal colours, drawn by hand with pen and paper. Inspired by a dreamy, imagined natural history, she creates a strange universe where animal and human relationships are documented in wordless stories. Amélie’s works include drawings for children’s books and newspapers, as well handmade self-published albums. Her designs for ARKET ́s children’s collection are interpretations of migratory birds, leaving Europe in the autumn for warmer wintering grounds.