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with Camila Costa

Balance Based in Los Angeles, Camila Costa is the protagonist of our latest yoga story – a celebration of shared practices shot together with her daughter Marina. Curious about her relationship to this mindful practice, we took the opportunity to chat with Camila about the balance between mindful habits, family life and self-care.

‘I moved to Los Angeles two years ago after searching for better weather and the perfect location with lots of outdoor space for the kids. The idea of a good quality of life has changed for me lately. I would say connecting with nature is important, as it brings quality to life and to our relationships too.’

‘It is important to prioritise self-care.’

Balance Camila Costa

‘The first time I started practicing yoga, it took me a while to get into it. Eventually, a good friend introduced me to kundalini. I was surprised by how very different it was from other yoga practices and, once I got the hang of it, I liked the breathing style and how you can simultaneously set your mind to meditate. I do other yoga practices when I am pregnant to stretch, but kundalini will always be my favourite.’

‘In most physical practices, we use the mind to work the body. However, I think of yoga as the opposite – we use our physical body to work the mind. My husband and I are very into it, but the kids – not so much! With that said, I do believe that whatever I happen to do for myself will affect my family. You know: “Be, yourself, what you want your kids to be, and let them be what they want.”’

‘It is important to prioritise self-care because most of the problems we have in our relationships come from our self-projections. I take some time out for myself to do my diary and meditation. I also decided to start setting aside one day of the week to connect with each family member. So far, it has been insightful, and we have discovered so many things about each other after we started doing this.’

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