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scent Oakmoss


family  Woods

Deep and earthy with fresh spicy notes
and a hint of bark

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scent  OAKMOSS

Oakmoss has been used in perfumery since the 16th century and is one of the essential ingredients in classic chypre and fougère fragrances, both forest-like with woody accords. It is often a counterpoint to floral and citrus notes and, on its own, it’s reminiscent of foliage and damp soil. Oakmoss has a deep and earthy scent, with fresh spicy tones and a hint of bark. 

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scent   Oakmoss
Deep and earthy with fresh spicy notes and a hint of bark
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scent   Vetiver
Fresh and bright with notes of citrus and damp grass
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scent   Geranium
Soft and rose-like with hints of citrus and mint
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scent   Neroli (new)
Fresh and sweet with notes of jasmine and citrus
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scent   Baie Rose
Rosey and herbal with a light underlying piquancy
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scent   Rosemary
Rich and complex with notes of citrus, mint, pine and lavender