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A rescaling version of Liberty’s popular and much-loved ‘Thorpe’ pattern, this design is named after the artist John Hall Thorpe whose paintings from the early 1900s provided the inspiration. Originally created in 1968, its small, dense flowers are reminiscent of typical 1930s-style floral prints.
print   Thorpeness
‘Nikita’ is specifically inspired by Indian block and hand-painted prints on 18th century calico cotton, two widely used print methods for cloth adornment during this period. The pattern was part of Liberty’s AW15 collection, charting influential eras or styles within fashion history.
print   Nikita
One of the great Art & Crafts patterns, with scrolling foliage and mirrored layout, ‘Lodden’ was designed by William Morris in 1884. Liberty started printing their version during the 1960s. Originally block printed, it is often a dark and heavy gothic design but has also been presented with lighter tonal shades which gives the fabric a fresh variation.
print   Lodden