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Veja Esplar 3 Locks

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brand Veja


Veja’s products are crafted by unionised workers in Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state of Brazil, using organic and natural materials sourced domestically from small producers and cooperatives. The cotton used to make Veja’s products is grown by families and small-scale farmers in the northeast who practise crop rotation and reject the use of chemicals and pesticides. Natural rubber is harvested in the Amazon by an association of rubber-tappers who live and work in the forest. Using new technology, the tappers are able to transform latex into rubber sheets and thus receive a higher income by selling semi-finished products. All leather is guaranteed to come from farms where cattle breeding does not contribute to deforestation. The finished Veja products are transported by boat from Brazil to France, and packaged in the suburbs of Paris.

Care Leather

Leather is a hard-wearing natural material, yet it can be sensitive. Keep leather away from humidity, heat and chemicals and protect it from rain and rough surfaces, which can scratch and damage it. To remove light stains, wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Otherwise, leather items should be taken to a specialist leather dry cleaner. If leather should get wet, allow it to air dry at normal room temperature.

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