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At ARKET, we’re curious about the multiple meanings of sustainable living, including how to dress our children. Our newborn and baby collection is created with special attention to quality – keeping in mind four thoughtful practices that help extend the life of these tiny and special garments.

Reusing clothes is a simple way to reduce waste and ensure that garments live longer. Reaching out to friends and family can be an easy first step when you’re in need for certain garments or items that our children will make use of for short periods of time.
Reusing garments only makes sense if they retain a certain quality over time. Paying close attention to material and construction is a key step when looking for durable clothing that can withstand intense periods of hard wear.
In order to prolong the life span of clothing, the garments should be handled with care. Being mindful about washing and reconsidering temperatures, cycles and products can ensure the longevity of a garment.
When it comes to preventing unnecessary waste, borrowing clothes is just as valuable as passing them on to new hands when they’re too small for our children. Another child will be able to enjoy these precious garments for a little while.
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ARKET’s clothing and accessories for babies and newborns offer a wide variety of products to welcome new members of the family into the world. The majority of ARKET’s children’s wear is unisex and made to be durable, sustainable and inheritable, using organic and recycled materials – but also to be comfortable, playful and good-looking with clean and simple designs. Clothes for baby boys and baby girls are available from size 50 to 104 and feature cosy and comfortable organic-cotton bodysuits with snap closure for easy dressing and changing, as well as topstrousers and leggings that allow to play and move around. The range also includes premium-quality jumpers, cardigans and sweatshirts in merino wool, snug pyjamas and stretchy ribbed socks and tights. Together with padded overalls, jackets and knitted accessories such as caps and mittens suited for cold weather, the assortment for newborns and toddlers is complemented by warm and soft baby blankets from ARKET’s own collection and Swedish brand Klippan.