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program 2-in-1 Series™


The 2-in-1 Series™ is based on the idea of transition and the need to adapt to the often unpredictable weather of the changing seasons. The series contains two groups of outerwear garments, one of outer layers made with functional fabrics to protect against wind and rain, the other of insulating liner jackets and vests. Both layers are constructed as complete individual garments and can be worn separately. But they are specially designed to fit into each other and may be combined freely within the series.

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category Jeans

category Dresses

colour Orange

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material Ice crêpe

Ice crêpe is an innovative jersey fabric developed in collaboration with Ekoten Tekstil, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of environmentally-conscious materials. Inspired by the coolness of nature, it is knitted from high-twist organic cotton yarns, and combines fluidity with a unique crisp touch.