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      program Archive Series ‘2017

      The ‘2017’ series of archive bags is modeled with direct inspiration from original mid-20th century utility gear and packs. The result of military research and development, the six original bags are characterised by a minimal form-follows-function design where each shape, zip and compartment has a designated purpose. The series is made from a Japanese premium-quality nylon weave that has been developed with inspiration from the shell fabric used in MA-1 flight jackets.

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      PROGRAM Cotton GSM™

      ARKET differentiates the number of knitting needles and yarn counts used to create a core collection of jersey materials in four different weights. GSM, a standard measurement of fabric weights in textile trading, stands for grams per square metre and indicates the material’s density. A high-GSM fabric is typically knitted with shorter loops and is thus thicker and more compact, while a lower GSM denotes a finer and more loosely knitted material.


      supplier Flamingo Fashions

      supplier Flamingo Fashion

      Flamingo Fashion is part of a Dhaka-based conglomerate called DBL Group, one of the top-five apparel and textile manufacturers in Bangladesh. Founded in 1991, they take a holistic approach to sustainability; they have a number of environmental and organic textile certifications, and procure their raw materials from responsible sources – like the Better Cotton Initiative, which promotes better standards in cotton farming.

      They also offer positive working conditions for its 28,000 employees, with a day-care centre, skills development courses and a shop that sells a variety of items at subsidised prices. Flamingo Fashion is making ARKET knitted tops, bottoms and jumpers for men and women, as well as nightwear for babies and kids.

      program Luggage Series

      The 72–Hour 3–Way Duffle is the centrepiece of the Travel collection, made to perfectly accommodate a weekend or business-trip packing list. A range of travel accessories and cases, also designed to align with the bag’s inside measurements, help arrange clothes and other belongings.

      Designing a unique yarn for ARKET knitted fabrics means that the construction of a garment begins at the fibre level. This yarn, made from organic merino-wool fibres, runs through the entire collection and functions as the foundation of each style.

      The fibres are spun in two directions with different amounts of twist to produce a yarn with optimal balance and strength. The yarn is then knitted in a variety of tensions and textures, which results in the same construction serving essentially different versions depending on the combinations of yarn count (weight and fineness) and gauge (number of needles per inch).

      Based on a mathematical formula, the combinations have been developed for each knit to achieve the best possible performance from the natural raw material. By customising both yarn and knitting technique, it is possible to go beyond conventional qualities and create completely distinctive knitted fabrics characterised by durability and firm body.

      program Merino Yarn Project™ type 12 gauge

      program Merino Yarn Project™ type 14 gauge

      100 Men