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category Knitwear

material Yak

Yak yarn is spun from the dense, insulating down wool of the Central Asian yak, a longhaired bovine herd animal that has developed a warm, layered coat to survive extreme environments. The exceptionally fine fibres have a fawn or brown colour, with a diameter comparable to cashmere or superfine merino, and can be knitted into warm yet lightweight garments. The airy texture of the yak fibres absorbs and transports moisture away from the body, and the material is also naturally anti-bacterial, which means a yak garment can be worn for a longer time without washing.

material Alpaca

Alpacas are gentle, camel-like animals native to the high Andes mountains of South America. For thousands of years, their soft and glossy coats have been sheared and then spun into a luxurious yarn. Alpaca yarn is commonly airy and lightweight, with surprising strength and elasticity. Hollow shafts in the centre of the fibres absorb and trap body heat, giving the material unique insulation properties. Like sheep’s wool, alpaca is naturally water-repellent but much softer and suited to sensitive skin due to its smoother surface and lack of lanolin.

category Leather accessories

brand Riri

Riri have a long history dating back to 1923. Dr Martin Winterhalter, a Swiss-born inventor, perfected a zip he named the Rille-Rippe, taken from the German words for ‘concave’ and ‘convex’ because of the shapes formed by its teeth. The success of Rille-Rippe led to Riri – a shortening of the original name – as well as the first die-cast plastic zip, merged with nylon tape, which was developed to address the post-World War II metal shortage. The zips were favoured by the military because of their high tensile strength, while today they are used in leather goods and shoes.

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category Padded jackets

142017-520 product Long down jacket

Designed to withstand harsh cold while staying breathable, this water-repellent jacket is padded with 90/10 duck down. Furnished with wool-lined hand-warmer pockets and hood, an internal drawstring waist, an adjustable snow lock and ribbed inner cuffs.

142016-515 product Padded Backpack Strap Jacket

With a shiny shell of a high-quality Japanese fabric and padding of PrimaLoft®, this jacket provides good insulation in wet and cold weather. PrimaLoft® is a synthetic-down padding, developed to match the warming and lightweight properties of real down, but with a stronger performance when moist. The inspiration from army ski jackets is found in details such as the hood with a peak, the large patch pockets with snow locks, the adjustable tabs at bottom hem and at end of sleeves. Adjustable, removable shoulder straps on the inside, for the possibility to wear the jacket as a backpack.


category Knitwear