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      Tea drinking

      Category Tea

      The earliest method of brewing tea was similar to the way matcha is prepared today. The traditions and practices of tea culture were first formulated in the poetic treatise ‘The classic of tea’. Written in 8th century China, it covers the growing, picking, brewing, serving, history and health benefits of tea. ’Pictorial of tea ware’, compiled in the 13th century, is a picture book with visual descriptions of all utensils needed in preparation, from water vessel to bowl and whisk. Originally, only green teas were consumed. Black tea is made with oxidised leaves from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, and has been favoured by Western tastes since the 1500s.


      Program Scent family



      The International Perfume Museum outside Grasse is an open-air conservatory for fragrant plants and flowers connected to the area’s century-long history of perfumery. Its gardens are planted according to traditional scent families, with florals, herbs, woods and others grouped together.



      Spread-out over three hectares, the gardens form an olfactory landscape where crop fields share space with aromatic plants and a section of traditional Provençal trees.

      An illustrated ‘scent tree’ with a branch for each scent family serves as a map of the gardens and is also used to explain the relationship between the plants and other raw materials used in perfumery. Citrus fruits, imported spices, wild herbs and flowers in various colours are arranged along the branches of the tree.
      This scent tree has been transferred to a grid and used for classifying ARKET’s single-ingredient scent concepts.

      Recipe Apple crumble

      This simple variation of the apple pie is a traditional Swedish autumn dessert, made from fresh apples and oats, and spiced with cinnamon.

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