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      program Durable Denim

      All ARKET children’s jeans are made from reinforced stretch denim. They are designed with classic 5-pocket features and trims, and cut in two play-friendly fits for both boys and girls. The strong and firm twill weave, distinguished by its diagonal ribs, turns conventional all-cotton denim into a highly durable and hardwearing fabric. Interlacing cotton with synthetic yarns results in fabrics that are even tougher and more abrasion-resistant. ARKET uses Cordura®, Coolmax® and Thermolite® to weave long-lasting denim suited for intense activities, with extra protection against wear and tear on high-stress areas like the knees and rear. Stretch fibres are mixed in to allow free movement and to retain the trousers’ original shape over time.

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      Dots & Stripes

      200O material Organic cotton

      Organic cotton is a more sustainable alternative to resource-intensive conventional cotton. It uses less water, no chemicals or GMOs, and enhances the fertility and biodiversity of the soil it’s grown in. The organic cotton used in ARKET’s products is cultivated according to a strict standard and accredited by an independent certification body.

      Like conventional cotton, organic cotton yarn is spun from natural cellulose fibres. It is an extremely versatile material that’s easy to dye and can be turned into a wide variety of fabrics – from delicate voile to heavy sailcloth. Cotton cloth was first introduced to Europe around 800 CE, but it’s been found in Peruvian tombs dating from 2500 BCE. The production of organic cotton, of course, is a much more recent innovation and now accounts for less than one per cent of the cotton market overall.

      Category Toys

      CATEGORY Functional outerwear

      The unisex collection of children’s outerwear is built-up in layers to suit different and changing weather. Using soft merino wool, recycled polyester, Thermore® Ecodown® and high-quality stretch nylon, the garments are made for play and everyday wear during the autumn, winter and spring seasons. The separate pieces are designed in simple colour scales with comfortable and allowing fits, to function both practically and aesthetically as combined layers.

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