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Ceramist and designer

NORDIC STORIES Best known for her expressive figurines and small sculptures, Lisa Larson (b. 1931) is one of Sweden’s most iconic and beloved designers, celebrated by collectors and museums. In her artistry – spanning over seven decades – Larson has repeatedly explored themes like sisterhood, motherhood, and family life.

Animals also plays a vital part in her work and between 1975 and 1981, Lisa Larson designed and produced a series of figurines called ‘Endangered species’ for the benefit of the WWF.

'The work to protect our animal friends has been an inspiration to me'

Designer Lisa Larson

 ARKET and Lisa Larsson Tiger Figurine
Product ARKET and Lisa Larsson Tiger Figurine


 ARKET and Lisa Larson Wool Blanket
Product ARKET and Lisa Larson Wool Blanket
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With a nod to her rich gallery of animal characters, as well as to her long commitment to animal and nature preservation, our collection together revolves around the world of animals and includes a new original tiger figurine specially created for WWF and its observance of the Year of the Tiger in 2022.

The figurine is produced from stoneware and hand-painted at the ceramic centre of Gustavsberg in the Stockholm archipelago. Continuing this commitment to animal welfare, ARKET and Lisa Larson are donating 300 SEK (€30) for each sold tiger figurine to WWF’s project for tiger conservation in India.

‘I am very happy to be able to contribute, in my own little way, to this important cause. Ever since my first collaboration with the WWF over 40 years ago, the work to protect our animal friends has been an inspiration to me’, says Lisa Larson.

Titled ‘The figurines of Lisa Larson’, the collection also encompasses a woven wool blanket made together with Swedish manufacturer Klippan, illustrated T-shirts, a printed tote bag, and a series of colourful sweatshirts for children.

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