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Hello, Monsters!

All children are different. Some are joyful and noisy, others are very quiet or shy – they can be very tall, very fast or easily scared. And just like our Monsters, they’re perfect however they are. The ARKET Monsters’ Club is a celebration of diversity, curiosity and kindness – a place for fun where we encourage children (and everyone!) to be themselves.

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  1. Monsters are kind to other monsters.
  2. Monsters are always curious...
  3. ...actually, Monsters ask tons of questions!
  4. Monsters help each other out because...
  5. ...problems are smaller when monsters come together.
  6. Monsters love and protect the planet they live on.
  7. Monsters get that sharing is caring!
  8. Monsters know they can express their emotions...
  9. ...because Monsters listen and support each other.
  10. Monsters are anything but monsters!