Privacy notice - WiFi in store

Why do we use your personal data?  
When you connect to our free WiFi service we will collect personal data from your device (MAC address) in order to be able to provide the WiFi service to you. When login and use the WiFi service we will also use your personal data to verify your compliance with the Terms & Conditions of the service. We might also by using anonymization techniques, turn personal data into anonymized (non-personal data) for statistical purpose.

Anonymized personal data might be used for the purpose of creating statistics on movements, behaviors and flows in our store premise. Statistics will help us gain better insights on how to operate our stores in a more efficient way by e.g. optimized assortment, floor space and staff utilization. Any data used for this purpose is anonymized and not retraceable to you as an individual. 

What types of personal data do we process?

When connect to the WiFi service, we will collect the MAC-address (Media Access Control Address) a unique identifier assigned to your device and related information referring to device hostname, geographic location and time.

Who has access to your personal data?

We may use third parties when providing the WiFi services to you, for this reason we share personal data with such third parties. We also share data with an internet service provider when granting you access to the internet via the WiFi service. When creating statistics out of anonymized data we may also share this with other companies of the H&M Group.

What is the legal ground to process your personal data?

When you connect to our free WiFi service, you permit us to collect and use your personal data necessary to provide the requested WiFi service (fulfillment of a contract) and, by using anonymization techniques, turn personal data into anonymized (non-personal data) for statistical purpose (legitimate interest).


How long do we process your data?

We will keep your personal data as long as necessary for us to provide the WiFi service in accordance with the agreed Terms & Conditions and to ensure your compliance with these. The retention period will be up to 14 months from when you last connected to the WiFi network.

Personal data used for statistical purpose is anonymized by technical means after collection. Once your data is anonymized, your personal data is irreversibly erased.  


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