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Knowledge The ‘A-line’ was originally the name of Dior’s spring 1955 collection but soon came to denote a general silhouette, resembling the capital letter A, that was adopted by several leading Paris designers.

The ‘A-line’ was the most influential of a series of fashion collections created by French couture designer Christian Dior during the mid-1950s, which all departed from the outdated post-war silhouette by de-emphasising the waist in favour of cleaner lines and a more casual and practical look. Presented for spring 1955, ‘A-line’ soon became the name for a general silhouette characterised by smooth shapes, narrow shoulders and an undefined waist, resembling the capital letter A, which was adopted by several leading Paris designer at the time. The style was especially popular from its launch until the mid-1970s. A-line skirts have a high waistline and are fitted over the hips with seams or darts, before widening towards the hem. An A-line dress flares from a fitted shoulder line and typically ends just above the knee. Both are highly structured garments, cut in one piece and sewn without pleats or slits, with a pronounced triangular shape.

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