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Founded by Martin Berg
Head Chef

ARKET café is a seasonal vegetarian kitchen and coffee shop promoting natural flavours and a modern, more sustainable way of eating. The menu reflects our vision of the New Nordic everyday food. It emphasises traditional methods and healthy ethically produced ingredients, consciously combining our Northern recipes with influences from abroad.

Café Winter menu

ARKET Winter warmers



Martin Berg
Martin Berg, head chef at ARKET café

Martin Berg's work with ARKET café is based on the conviction that the transformation towards a healthier and more sustainable food culture needs to be broader and more accessible than the world of fine dining, but rather, encompass our everyday meals and habits. By offering a delicious seasonal menu based on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and traditional legumes, Martin’s mission is to inspire people to choose the positive alternative.


'Our background is in the New Nordic food movement, whose ideas of ethics and taste have helped remodel both the gastronomy and the everyday cuisine of our region in the last decades. It is a philosophy that highlights locality and the many unique flavours and traditions that have been shaped by our climate. Above all, it’s one that aims to transform how food is produced and consumed, making the way we eat a force of change in society. In our interpretation, our Nordic soul is reflected in the ingredients we use as well as in how they’re combined with an open and inclusive mind. In traditional recipes featuring innovative ingredients and flavour combinations – or in dishes and cooking techniques that draw inspiration from food cultures all over the world – these form our New Nordic everyday cuisine. By offering a modern vegetarian menu, we want to inspire new discoveries and a more sustainable diet which benefits both our health and the environment.


Natural foods have a cyclical rhythm. There is a limited window of time each year when ingredients reach their peak of flavour and nutrition, tasting sweeter, richer and more complex than either before or after. Tender leafy greens and primeur vegetables in spring; strawberries, plums and tomatoes in summer; mushrooms and the harvest of root vegetables during autumn; produce that can be stored and processed to last through the winter. Following this natural rhythm of the seasons connects us to the moment and offers an inspiring pulse of anticipation and new energy through the year. It is also a great opportunity to rediscover the delicious but perhaps underused ingredients that many of us might have forgotten about, such as the wide variety of kale and leaf cabbages and our own Swedish grey peas.


Using heritage grains and legumes in the everyday kitchen is a way to preserve our culinary heritage – in the Nordic region as well as across the world. But perhaps more importantly, these varieties are also opening the door to a new tradition and new world of flavours. 

With modern and monocultural farming, the natural variety of wheats, beans, lentils and greens almost vanished from our fields and gardens, as the focus shifted towards consistency and high yields. But with the growing interest in healthier and more sustainable food, we’re now beginning to rediscover older techniques and traditions, as well as the historic crops that have been farmed for centuries – widely but in small scale – in close harmony with the environment. Many of these varieties have developed a natural resistance to weeds and pests which makes them well-suited for organic farming, and thanks to their large root systems, they’re able to absorb more vitamins, minerals and amino acids from the earth. As a result, they have a richer complexity of flavour, and farmed with care and consideration to place, the restored diversity of plants helps to vitalise the soils and entire ecosystems where they’re grown.


We are passionate about good coffee and serve only certified organic speciality coffee blends and single origins; transparent and traceable coffees from roasters who focus on flavour, seasonality and ethical sourcing. ‘Speciality coffee’ is a term used for top-quality coffee produced by skilled farmers at high altitudes, where it develops clean and intense flavours often described as sweet, floral, fruity, spicy, herby and nutty. We work closely with speciality coffee roasters across Europe who all source their beans directly from the growers and cooperatives that produce them. The beans are carefully roasted to preserve the natural flavour and unique character of each coffee. When it comes to coffee, what tastes good is usually also good for the environment and for the people who produce it. Good coffee is always more or less organic, farmed in harmony with the environment with little or no chemical additives. And because it is direct-traded without middlemen, the producers are paid a fair and long-term sustainable price, meaning they can continue to invest in quality and sustainable growing practices. Good coffee costs a little bit more than the mass-produced alternatives, but can also be enjoyed without any of the bitter aftertaste.

Transparency of taste, as well as transparency into the creative process, defines the way we cook and the menu we offer. Everything we serve is freshly prepared in open kitchens. We roast vegetables and boil eggs in small ovens behind the counter and make salads and sandwiches to order. All recipes are tailored to suit a limited space – simple dishes, relying on a few pure flavours, handmade from sustainably produced seasonal ingredients. Our breads and pastries are developed in collaboration with three Nordic bakeries using 100% organic flour, sugar and butter. We’re convinced that the quality of the food depends on the ingredients we use, and by showing that genuine and thoughtful cooking can in fact be offered at a wider scale, we hope to contribute to a new standard in our industry.



Pastry drop ARKET's Pastry Drop series are seasonally flavoured pastries inspired by the natural rhythm of the Nordic climate. Developed by our head chef Martin Berg, the pastries are offered for a limited time at the ARKET cafés.

The Nordic Churros are a festive spin on the traditional fried churros, a popular treat in Spain, Portugal and Mexico. With a characteristic elongated shape, our churros are made with a buttery Nordic dough, which gives them a light and flaky texture. Freshly baked and rolled in cardamom sugar, the Nordic Churros are served with ARKET’s own chocolate sauce and lemon zest for a taste of holiday decadence. This time of the year is for joyful gatherings and cosy moments best enjoyed in the comfort of our home. The dropping temperatures and shorter days inspire a longing for more filling and satisfying foods, traditionally prepared with storable vegetables that used to sustain Nordic families during the winter months. Golden pumpkin that can be roasted or pickled, robust kale that can be used in many creative ways, heritage root vegetables that constitute a base for hearty dishes and soups. Our winter menu reflects our vision for the New Nordic everyday food. It emphasises traditional methods and healthy, responsibly produced local ingredients. For this season, ARKET Head Chef Martin Berg and his team have consciously combined Northern recipes and influences from afar to create full-bodied flavours with sweet potatoes, grey peas, beetroots, pickled red cabbage and walnuts at the heart of our salads, flatbread pizzas and wraps. A rich lentil soup with garam masala notes and a seasonal offering of warming drinks and herbal infusions complement the menu. 

ARKet Nordic Churros

Martin Berg's Pastry Drops since 2018

#1 Sticky love bun
#2 Chocolate tart
#3 Tiny lemon pie
#4 Strawbarb bun
#5 One year open sesame
#6 Cinnamon twigs
7# Sticky love bun (reprise)
#8 Lemon pop
#9 Cloudberry tiger
#10 Saffron Holiday Bun
#11 Heartbeet cake
#12 Very Cherry Clafoutis
#13 Blueberry Bliss
#14 Hello Pumpkin Cake

Given the current situation some of our stores and cafés are temporarily closed. Please check with your local café manager for availability and takeaway possibilities.

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