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Founded by Martin Berg
Head Chef

Summer Transitioning from spring to summer, we are getting ready for a well-deserved break and long sunny days spent with family. ARKET’s seasonal menu bursts with a new energy of colours and flavours, following nature’s cyclical rhythm. This time of the year, we choose lighter, uncomplicated meals that allow us to enjoy fresh produce in its natural form.

Summer Menu

Leafy greens such as spinach and lettuce, as well as tomatoes, eggplants and red peppers are at their best this season, delivering a potent vitamin boost. Paired with quality legumes, organic quinoa from Skåne in southern Sweden and our new bread from Swedish Warbro Kvarn, they bring new exciting flavours to the menu. Our own version of a Tuscan panzanella salad and pulled roots with green curry are just a few examples of chef Martin Berg’s latest creations. On a sweeter note, tangy rhubarb and juicy strawberries invite a truly summertime feeling to our pastries. The fruity theme continues in the new refreshing drinks, with ARKET’s own Strawberry Shake, Lemonade and Earl Grey Iced Tea at centre stage. We also serve delicious espresso and matcha shakes, for those looking to cool down and recharge. At ARKET cafés, all meals, pastries and beverages are available for takeaway – sustainably packaged and ready to enjoy wherever you go.

The summer menu will be launched on May 27th 2021

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by Martin Berg
Head Chef

ARKET Rhubarb Crumble

ARKET's Pastry Drop™ series are seasonally flavoured pastries inspired by the natural rhythm of the Nordic climate. Developed by our head chef Martin Berg, the pastries are offered for a limited time at the ARKET cafés.

Pastries Seasonal pastries

Rhubarb Sponge Cake
ARKET Pastry Shop
ARKET Strawberry bun
ARKET Cinnamon bun
ARKET Cookie

Chef Martin Berg

Martin Berg's work with ARKET café is based on the conviction that the transformation towards a healthier and more sustainable food culture needs to be broader and more accessible than the world of fine dining, but rather, encompass our everyday meals and habits. By offering a delicious seasonal menu based on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and traditional legumes, Martin’s mission is to inspire people to choose the positive alternative.

Why we care so much about food

Given the current situation some of our stores and cafés are temporarily closed. Please check with your local café manager for availability and takeaway possibilities.

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