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Food Eating is a way to explore and experience the world around us. Our culinary traditions carry stories and memories and allow us to share them with other people. At ARKET, we are convinced that good food helps us opening up to new ideas and that it can bring positive, transformative change to our culture.

Archive Food

Chef Martin Berg

One of the early proponents of the New Nordic food movement, Martin has a rich background in sustainable and sensitive cooking, as the executive chef at Michelin-star restaurants and the co-founder of a traditional sourdough rye bakery and organic café in Stockholm.


ARKET café

All ARKET stores features a café offering vegeterian and vegan dishes as well as a series of delicious pastries and high quality coffee.

Vegetarian Recipes
Featuring gourmet sandwiches, hearty salads and featuring gourmet sandwiches, hearty salads and flavoursome toppings, we’re introducing fresh recipes created by chef Martin Berg.
Nordisk råvara
Per Modig is one of the organic farmers working together with Nordisk Råvara, which supplies ARKET café with naturally grown peas, lentils and quinoa.

ARKET Cookbook #1

In ARKET's first cookbook, chef Martin Berg has collected vegetarian recipes from every season of our first year. Martin

From chef to Life coach

Jessica became a vegetarian when she started at ARKET. Read about her journey from ARKET to becoming a certified life coach.

Warbro Mill

Located on a small family farm an hour and a half outside of Stockholm, Sweden, Warbro Kvarn produces organic stone-milled flour and whole grains as well as specialty malts for craft breweries and whisky distilleries

Our signature hummus
ARKET’s take on hummus uses Nordic yellow peas that serve as a sweet and robust alternative to classic chickpeas. Try the yellow pea hummus in salads, as a dip or turn it into a creamy and satisfying soup base.

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The grid is an essential element of our visual identity. It represents the notion of the archive and is used to organise and display information ranging from the names of plants to fabric weights and different types of materials used in our collections. These nine squares symbolise the separate parts that together form our world, and they are also the areas where we strive to make a difference.

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