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My ARKET Account

Why do we use your personal data?

Your ARKET account is your digital space where all your shopping history is gathered. We will use your personal data to bring you a personalised online experience and to make your purchase information instantly available to you. 


How do we use your personal data?

We will use no more data than necessary for providing you with all the benefits associated with a personalised ARKET account. This means we will only use personal data obtained directly from you when you signed-up for a personalised account. In order to give you an easy registration and log in experience we provide the possibility to login into your account via a social media platform such as Google, Instagram or Facebook. If you do so the social media platform will share your email address and name with us in order to create a ARKET account. The social media platform will only be able to share us your data if you give them permission to do so.

In order to make the experience even more relevant to you we may personalise the content before we display it to you based on what we know (or perceive we know) about your interests and preferences. If you, as a ARKET account holder, have signed-up to receive promotions, your promotions will be based on your profile data, shopping and web browsing history. Personalisation comes through analyzing and predicting aspects concerning your interests, preferences, behavior etc., by making use of a combination of personal data obtained from you or from third parties.

We may also use data from web site “cookies”, your click and likes on our website. To keep you updated about the use of “cookies”, please check out our Cookie Notice here.  


Who has access to your personal data?

We may share your personal data within the H&M Group. If you have logged in or registered your account through a social media platform, we will ask the platform to share your personal data with us. We will never ask for more data than necessary for us being able to have a personalised ARKET account created. Any social media platform is responsible for their own personal data processing activities.

Data that is forwarded to third parties, is only used to provide you with the services mentioned above, to optimize the website we use, website agencies and analytics tools for product rating.


What is the legal ground to process your personal data?

The processing of your personal data is based on your consent when you sign up for your ARKET account.

The processing of your personal data in order to provide you with a personalised online experience such as product recommendations is based on our legitimate interest. 


How long do we process your data?

We will use your personal data no longer than necessary. Personal data solely collected and used for the purpose of providing you with the account will be erased upon the withdrawal of your consent or your request for erasure.

However, we may continue to keep and use your data if we have outstanding obligations to you or by any other reasons are prevented from erasure, for example if you have an open order or unsettled debt.


Your right to object to processing of your data

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data that is based on ARKET's legitimate interest by contacting Customer Service


Your right to withdraw your consent

You have, at any time, the right to terminate your account by withdrawing your consent. If you decide to withdraw your consent all processing of your personal data will immediately cease. You will no longer be able to gain the benefits of being a holder of an ARKET account.


How to withdraw your consent?

To withdraw your consent please contact our Customer Service at Customer Service