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category Outerwear


womens Outerwear

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program Recycled cashmere

ARKET's recycled cashmere knits are made using surplus fibres from the manufacture of virgin cashmere that would otherwise have been discarded. Recycled cashmere yarn has the same premium quality as virgin yarn and is spun by twisting together two strands in different directions to achieve strength and stability as well as softness.


type Jeans

View the different fits and washes of ARKET Men’s Jeans – all in a 5-pocket design detailed with metal hardware

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program Archive Series ‘2017

The ‘2017’ series of archive bags is modeled with direct inspiration from original mid-20th century utility gear and packs. The result of military research and development, the six original bags are characterised by a minimal form-follows-function design where each shape, zip and compartment has a designated purpose. The series is made from a Japanese premium-quality nylon weave that has been developed with inspiration from the shell fabric used in MA-1 flight jackets.

type Topcoat

The modern overcoat appeared during the 19th century and is a tailored adaptation of the military greatcoat, designed to fit over suits and packs. It is made from a protective and weather-resistant fabric, often a high-quality and closely woven wool, to withstand winter weather, with minimal trimmings and decoration. Knee-length and lighter versions are often referred to as topcoats.