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To create collections with a longer life, we invest time in their development. It can be in the form of designing custom yarns and new materials or studying archival designs to understand their original idea.

By sharing as much of this information as we can and information on how to take care of our products, we aim to promote an appreciation for the craft and resources that go into making a product.

about Knowledge

The A-line silhouette

The ‘A-line’ was originally the name of Dior’s spring 1955 collection but soon came to denote a general silhouette, resembling the capital letter A, that was adopted by several leading Paris designers.

the Button down shirt

Button-down collars became a design feature on men’s shirts at the turn of the last century, inspired by the outfits of polo players.

Scent families

One of the single-ingredient scent concepts for bath and body, Baie Rose, or pink pepper, is a mild and rosy fragrance with fresh herbal notes.  



Bouclé refers both to a type of knotted, irregular novelty yarn and to the fabrics made from it.



Care guide

Prolong the life-span of your products by gaining knowledge in product care.


A relative of velvet, corduroy is soft but hard-wearing and durable fabric that has been used for trousers and outerwear since the late 18th century. The fabric is known as ‘Manchester’ in many countries.

Crepe du chine

Crêpe de chine is a fine, lightweight but durable silk or silk blend with a distinctive texture and shimmer.


Fishtail parka

The iconic ‘fishtail parka’ was developed in the late 1940s as an ensemble of separate and detachable parts to provide flexible protection against changing weather conditions.

French terry

French terry is the classic sweatshirt fabric, with a smooth and flat outside and a structured inside consisting of uncut loops.

Scent families

One of the single-ingredient scent concepts for bath and body, Geranium is a bright fragrance with green and moist shades; soft and rose-like with hints of citrus and mint.



Habotai (or habutai) means ‘soft as down’ in Japanese and is a lightweight and soft silk fabric originally woven for kimonos.



Indigo refers to a deep, rich shade of blue – and to the plant that produces its colour. With the invention of cheap and colourfast synthetic dyes in the late 1800s, indigo blue became synonymous with denim and workwear.

Skedblad chair

An original Carl Malmsten design, the Skedblad chair is used in all ARKET cafés since our launch in August 2017.  



Terracotta, meaning ‘baked earth’, is a mix of clay and water hardened by fire at low heat, resulting in a brittle and porous product. The typical red to ochre colour is produced when the iron in the clay reacts to oxygen during firing.



The trench coat

A true sartorial icon, the classic trench coat was a product of the latest and most modern textile innovations when it was introduced in the late 1800s. Made from a new kind of waterproof fabric, it was lighter and more flexible than traditional woollen greatcoats and more breathable than rubberised raincoats.



One of the single-ingredient scent concepts for bath and body, Vetiver is green and citrusy with woody notes.


The striped sailor’s jumper was picked up by artists and fashion designers in 1920s France, and the nautical style was an important inspiration for the modernisation of womenswear.


One of the single-ingredient scent concepts for bath and body, Oakmoss has a deep and earthy fragrance, with fresh spicy tones and a hint of bark.

The overshirt

Modern overshirts are inspired by functional workwear and utility garments, including the French blue work jacket, military jackets, and artisan smocks.

Oxford fabric

Originally woven by Scottish cotton mills in the late 1800s, Oxford was one of four contemporary fabrics named after the world’s most prestigious universities.

The pea coat

The pea coat is one of the oldest garments that is still worn in its traditional version. Made from coarse and heavy wool in navy blue, it has been used by sailors on the North Sea since the 1700s.



Polka dots

Polka dot fabrics were designed as part of a massive polka trend in the mid-1800s, spreading from its peasant roots in Central Europe to urban Paris and London and later to the United States.




Poplin is the popular term for plain-weave cotton shirting. The fabrics are woven with single yarns in both warp and weft, resulting in a smooth and silky texture.



One of the single-ingredient scent concepts for bath and body, Rosemary has a mild and complex fragrance with notes of citrus, mint, pine, and lavender.

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The grid is an essential element of our visual identity. It represents the notion of the archive and is used to organise and display information ranging from the names of plants to fabric weights and different types of materials used in our collections. These nine squares symbolise the separate parts that together form our world, and they are also the areas where we strive to make a difference.