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women A new spring

Filled with vivid colours, transitional details and relaxed silhouettes, our new collection celebrates the arrival of a new and much-awaited spring season. In this edit, we present the key pieces to look for so you can incorporate the warming joy of spring in your wardrobe already now.

01 Bold colours

Solid greens and blues brighten lightweight fabrics this season. Rendered in crisp poplin and fluid woven crêpe, these bold pieces are softened with romantic accents, gatherings and ruffles for a charming yet utterly cool contrast.

02 Transitional elements

The beginning of spring can feel a bit uncertain as temperatures change, but in the end, spring is also a state of mind. Styling makes all the difference – wear an overshirt layered over your top of choice, or pair a midi dress with tall boots. Add layers – or let go of them – depending on the weather.

03 Warming touches

Warming details are paramount for a comfortable transition into spring. Brightly knitted accessories are comforting already in winter, and they certainly can continue to bring cosy warmth until it's time to let them go for good. Bolder hues will always look beautiful when paired with monochrome and neutral ensembles.

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