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Men ARKET Basics Collection

Basics are the building blocks of every wardrobe. Simple yet essential garments that must withstand the demands of daily wear. ABC is our well-considered collection of these timeless staples. From T-shirts to underwear and socks, each item is crafted from high-quality materials, and carefully designed for effortless comfort.

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Care For your basics

The garments you wear closest to your body on a daily basis naturally require regular washing. Here are some tips for a more mindful approach to laundering.

Try to wash your t-shirts less often, only when truly needed. Spot treating and steaming serve as excellent alternatives to a full wash. Between washes, allow them to air out them for a refreshed feel or apply garment refresher spray.

When laundering basics, opt for the lowest temperature and shortest cycle to save water. Use a natural, biodegradable liquid rinse. Shake garments to minimise wrinkles, then hang or lay them flat to air dry.

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Skedblad chair

Designed in 1933 by Swedish architect and furniture designer Carl Malmsten, and named after the bowl of a spoon, the Skedblad chair is used to furnish all ARKET cafés.

Take care of your products

Longevity is at the core of our brand. If our clothes are used beyond their first wearer, we have done something right. Designing for circularity starts at the drawing table – and extends to guiding customers on how to take care of our products.

Roasted aubergines and heritage tomatoes

This vegan dish is easy to prepare and delicious on its own as well as served as a side with other summery flavours.

Scent families

The International Perfume Museum outside Grasse is an open-air conservatory for fragrant plants and flowers connected to the area’s century-long history of perfumery. Its gardens are planted according to traditional scent families, with florals, herbs, woods and others grouped together.