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Children Back to fun, back to friends, back to school

The transition from summer into autumn is the time to prepare the children for the school year ahead. As the excitement of a new chapter in their lives fills the air, we’ve curated our collection to make the preparations smooth and enjoyable. 


This edit is a guide to the four building blocks of the children’s wardrobe. Some elements are year-round staples that adapt to any weather, while others are autumn essentials that will keep them equipped as they step into autumn and winter and go back to class.

01 Transitional layers

Changing temperatures call for long-sleeved layers that are easy to put on and take off. This includes so many options: light jackets, cardigans and overshirts with front openings for effortless wearing, or even jumpers and sweatshirts or hoodies. They’re all great as a top layer while the heat is still here or as heroes in the everyday rotation later in the season. 

02 Jeans

Denim trousers are a wardrobe hero on their own terms. Our collection includes different fits to suit their needs and preference, cut with slim, regular, tapered, or cropped legs, yet all with a classic 5-pocket design. Our children’s jeans are sewn from reinforced denim twill fabrics made from an innovative blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester and a hint of stretch. This blend makes our jeans more resistant to wear and tear than conventional all-cotton fabrics. The material is also softer and gentler to the wearer – a comfortable foundation for endless fun and play. 

03 Basics

Base-layer staples like leggings and T-shirts are a constant foundation in their wardrobes. Our basics collection is designed as a modular system for families and children to play with, mixing and matching colours and shapes to suit their needs and their curiosity. We’ve also expanded the collection with not-so-basic pieces like dresses and oversized styles that complement our regular-fit classic staples. All our basics are made of organic cotton. 

04 Outerwear

Nothing marks the beginning of the school year like having a jacket ready to bring along together with books, backpacks and pencil cases. Pile and fleece jackets are perfect to incorporate in their early-autumn rotation, and so are classic outerwear staples like padded jackets or vests. These pieces are made of recycled materials, and, like the rest of the children’s collection, they are mostly unisex for easy sharing and passing on.  

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