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Guide Sandwiches and wraps are the perfect easy-to-serve option when prepping for lunch, brunch or picnic with family and friends.

Keep an eye on the contrast of crisp and soft textures, and remember not to overfill the sandwich – it will only make it hard to eat. Follow Martin Berg’s simple structure for assembling complete bread-based dishes to create your own house recipes from favourite in-season ingredients.

Cooking guide Four steps to a perfect sandwich

01 The Bread

Good bread makes good sandwiches, and the quality of the ingredients is crucial for the result. We work with 5 five different bread types – flatbread, rye bread, sourdough panini, and small sourdough rolls. Whether you bake bread at home, shop from a bakery or supermarket, take your time to find your favourites for different occasions. Prep the bread with a simple spread – like the hummus base or cream cheese, before continuing with the other layers.

02 The Base

The foundation is key to a successful sandwich or wrap, so do not neglect the base. Seasonal fresh leaves and lettuce, crisp cabbages, herbs and sprouts provide the dish with a rich core of flavour and crispness. Adding boiled grains, legumes or quinoa is a great way to make it more filling. Finish off the base with some grated or sliced raw vegetables for full flavouring and texture.

03 The Seasonal heroes

Following your local climate and vegetation is a sustainable way to get close to harvest time and get a richer taste experience. Spring and summer veggies, such as raw, marinated or pickled carrots, red onions and radishes, are ideal for soft-bread sandwiches. When autumn and winter arrive, turn on the oven for a gentle roast of vegetables or mushrooms, like portabello, fennel, and beetroots.

04 The Toppings

Dressings are not only for salads but are a true game-changer in sandwiches, too. The variations are endless – from vivid seasonings, like a homemade sprinkle mix to the natural delight of fresh herbs and lemon zest. Our soy tahini dressing adds a palatable touch of umami. The pairing of shaved cheese and berries brings out that satisfying juxtaposition of sweet and salty. For an extra crunch, crown your dish with roasted nuts or seeds.

This guide and the full recipe can be found in upcoming ARKET café Cookbook, launched this winter. A vegetarian recipe collection with delicious dishes, cooking guides and personal stories on the philosophy behind our café.

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Food Proudly presenting a new collection of simple, plant-based recipes by our Head Chef, Martin Berg. Reworked from his menus at ARKET Cafés to suit the home kitchen, the recipes journey through the different seasons of the year, celebrating natural ingredients and a mindful way of food preparation.

Together with Martin’s easy-to-follow cooking guides, the complete collection of recipes is  included in our new cookbook launching later this year. Our food philosophy is grounded in the New Nordic food movement. It emphasises traditional methods and healthy, ethically produced ingredients while consciously combining local recipes with influences from around the world. These recipes are our invitation to embrace seasonal vegetarian cooking and choose natural flavours for a way of eating that promotes our health and the wellbeing of the planet.

Available from 1 december 2021
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Guide to a perfect sandwich



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Tomato and roasted pepper salad
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Citrus baked fennel and quinoa salad

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The notion of the archive is one of ARKET’s central themes and runs as a common thread through the brand. It represents the long-lasting nature of our collections, an extensive library of design history and vintage samples, our ideal of transparency, as well as the inspiration for and name given to our in-store shelving system. The digital ARKET / ARCHIVE captures research, inspiration, and past projects, and forms the collective story of who we are.



Poplin is the popular term for plain-weave cotton shirting. The fabrics are woven with single yarns in both warp and weft, resulting in a smooth and silky texture.


Cold-water swimming

Praised for its numerous health benefits, cold-water swimming has a long-established tradition in the Nordic countries. 


Spring greens

For a healthy spring start, green vegetables are taking over the menu in ARKET cafés. Spinach, fennel, spring onions, broccoli and fresh herbs are our seasonal heroes packed with chlorophyll.

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The grid is an essential element of our visual identity. It represents the notion of the archive and is used to organise and display information ranging from the names of plants to fabric weights and different types of materials used in our collections. These nine squares symbolise the separate parts that together form our world, and they are also the areas where we strive to make a difference.