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Women ARKET Basics collection

Basics are the building blocks of every wardrobe. Simple yet essential garments that must withstand the demands of daily wear. ABC is our well-considered collection of these timeless staples. From T-shirts to underwear and socks, each item is crafted from high-quality materials, and carefully designed for effortless comfort.

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Care About basics

The garments you wear closest to your body on a daily basis naturally require regular washing. Here are some tips on how to launder your basics.

Try to wash your T-shirts less often, only when truly needed. Spot treating and steaming serve as excellent alternatives to a full wash. Between washes, allow them to air out for a refreshed feel or apply garment refresher spray. 
When laundering basics, opt for the lowest temperature and shortest cycle. Use a natural, biodegradable liquid rinse. Shake garments to minimise wrinkles, then hang or lay them flat to air dry.

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