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ARKET CAFÉ is a seasonal vegetarian kitchen and coffee shop promoting natural flavours and a modern, more sustainable way of eating. The menu reflects our vision of the ‘New Nordic everyday food’. It emphasises traditional methods and healthy ethically-produced ingredients, consciously combining our Northern recipes with influences from abroad.

For many, autumn is the most inspiring cooking time of the year. As the air becomes crispier and the days shorter, we create more room for warmth and cosiness in our kitchen and turn the rich pickings of the season into comforting meals. Celeriac, beetroots and winter potatoes bring earthy flavours to our dishes, while berries and apples add sweet notes to the desserts. Our new autumn menu celebrates the abundance of the Nordic harvest season with roasted mushrooms and root vegetables, crisp kale, pumpkin seeds and our own pickled carrots that assume centre stage in freshly made wraps, flatbread pizzas and sandwiches. Accompanied by indulgent crumble pies and a selection of warming drinks, the menu is available in ARKET cafés – also as perfect meals to go. 

Café Autumn menu

behind the scenes Martin Berg



Meet Per Modig of Fagraslätt Gård in the Scania region of southern Sweden. He is one of the organic farmers working together with Nordisk Råvara, which supplies ARKET café with naturally grown peas, lentils and quinoa. We use these ingredients as the base for our seasonal vegetarian and vegan salads and for making our signature Nordic hummus.n Born and raised on the farm, Per and his brother took over the family business in 2005 and have since converted all fields to organic cultivation. ‘The number one benefit of organic farming is that we can avoid using chemical pesticides and fertilisers. Pesticides kill insects and micro-organisms, which leads to biodiversity loss, and artificial fertilisers have a huge climate impact as they are a major source of greenhouse gases and produced with fossil energy,’ Per Modig says. Instead of using chemical fertilisers, the plants themselves help enrich and replenish the soils by fixating nitrogen from the air and pulling it down into the earth. By co-planting a diversity of crops and rotating them between different fields – peas or lentils in one season, then potatoes and carrots, rapeseeds or grains, or clover, grass and a variety of flowers – the soils stay healthy and maintain a natural balance of nutrients. It also prevents weeds and plant diseases from spreading. The organic peas, lentils and quinoa we are using in the ARKET café are traditional varieties which produce lower yields than modern industrial ones. With lower yields, each plant can take up more nutrients – such as vitamins and minerals – from the soil which not only makes them healthier for our bodies but also results in a richer and more complex taste.

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To ensure the wellbeing of our staff, customers and communities, we’re adjusting our store and café opening hours in line with local government guidelines. Please see specific information for each of our locations below. 

ARKET’s new Pastry Drop™, Blueberry Bliss, is a nod to the traditional Swedish crumble pie. Made with blueberries – a staple during the summer months – this classic recipe is updated with the brand’s signature cardamom and barley cookie crumble, which adds a subtle nutty flavour. Topped with cream cheese and a touch of lemon zest, Blueberry Bliss marries sweet, tart and spicy notes with the comforting quality of Swedish homemade desserts.

Martin Berg's Pastry Drops since 2018

#1 Sticky love bun
#2 Chocolate tart
#3 Tiny lemon pie
#4 Strawbarb bun
#5 One year open sesame
#6 Cinnamon twigs
7# Sticky love bun (reprise)
#8 Lemon pop
#9 Cloudberry tiger
#10 Saffron Holiday Bun
#11 Heartbeet cake
#12 Very Cherry Clafoutis
#13 Blueberry Bliss

The ARKET PASTRY DROP™ #12, the Very Cherry Clafoutis, is a summertime journey to southwest France. Originating from the Limousin region, clafoutis is a fruity dessert that takes its name from Occitan 'clafir', meaning to fill, and is traditionally prepared with black cherries arranged in a baking form and covered with a thick batter. Created by chef Martin Berg, ARKET’s Very Cherry Clafoutis blends the traditional flavours with freshly whipped cream and lemon zest for a refreshing twist.

ARKET Cookbook

Following the natural rhythm of the seasons, these vegetarian dishes reflect our vision of the New Nordic everyday food – embracing traditional methods, using healthy and ethically produced local ingredients, and consciously combining our Northern flavours with influences from abroad.

Hope you’ll enjoy,

Martin Berg
Head Chef at ARKET Café

Download the Cookbook here.


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To ensure the wellbeing of our staff, customers and communities, we’re adjusting our store and café opening hours in line with local government guidelines. Please see specific information for each of our locations below. 

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