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arket Café

Part of the modern-day market, our café is a New Nordic food destination offering vegetarian and vegan everyday meals. The café aims to express the purity, freshness and simplicity naturally associated with our region.

Chef Martin Berg

chef Martin Berg

Created by chef Martin Berg, one of the early proponents of the New Nordic food movement, ARKET café is based on the approach to traditional foods, healthy ingredients and ethical production that was formulated in the New Nordic Food Manifesto (2004). One of the main goals of the manifesto is to work in close dialogue with local producers, and to innovate and improve the overall quality of our food; another to combine the best from Nordic cuisine with impulses from abroad, and to create new applications for traditional products. By developing a menu of simple everyday recipes, ARKET’s mission is to democratise foods and tastes previously associated mainly with fine dining.


martin berg Recipes


Martin Berg’s vegetarian recipes highlight seasonal flavours and ingredients and are developed to suit the home kitchen. The collection includes dishes and desserts served in our cafés as well as unique recipes.


café Everyday meals

Our menu is a modern and inclusive interpretation of the Swedish everyday meal, composed of vegetarian as well as entirely plant-based meals and pastries. Classic recipes are prepared with influences from the many culinary traditions that thrive here today. The menu reflects the changing seasons through ingredients that distinguish the climate and landscapes of each local region, and includes local variations based on the tastes and traditions of the respective cities. All pastries are baked in store and based on Nordic organic grains and flours.


ARKET collaborates with Swedish food-saving service Karma to reduce our environmental impact. Unsold meals from the café are offered for take away at half the price, which means we can save delicious food that would otherwise go to waste. Order and pay easily in the Karma app and pick up your breakfast or lunch bag in our stores at Drottninggatan 53, Stockholm, or 224 Regent Street and 27-29 Long Acre, London.

Manufacturer Mavam

Mavam Coffee machine

Manufacturer Mavam

Mavam’s under-counter espresso machine, developed and hand-built in Seattle, is used in all cafés to extract and prepare espresso-based drinks. The low profile makes it easy to follow the full brewing cycle and gives a free view over the bar counter. The machine is engineered to maintain a perfectly stable water temperature over multiple brewing operations to ensure a consistent taste.


category Pantry

The assortment of pantry staples and selected artisan foods include Fair Trade and certified organic specialty coffee, teas and infusions, Sicilian extra-virgin olive oil and organic balsamic vinegar from Modena.

Organic green tea
Organic green tea
Organic linden blossom
Organic linden blossom
Organic Earl grey tea
Organic Earl grey tea

type Tea

Our organic, hand-picked loose-leaf teas are developed with Stockholm-based coffee roaster and tea trader Johan & Nyström. The green tea is grown in the mountainous Lào Cai province of north-western Vietnam, and has has a fresh, mild and slightly nutty flavour with subtle notes of apricot. The Earl Grey is a single-origin black tea from Nelliyampathy in the Kerala region of southwest India, flavoured with cold-pressed organic bergamot oil and natural limequat. Harvested in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a region with a long tradition of making tea from herbs and flowers, the fragrant linden blossom infusion offers a subtle, honey-like flavour with a hint of citrus.


Shegole cooperative
Shegole cooperative
Cocafelol cooperative
Cocafelol cooperative

type Coffee

ARKET’s coffees, served in the café and sold as whole beans, are seasonal single-origin blends from high-altitude farms in Ethiopia, Honduras and Peru. Slow-roasted to enhance their complex and distinctive flavours, the coffees are fresh and lively with notes of flowers, fruits and spices. All plantations practise ecologically sound polyculture methods in harmony with their environment. The origin of the beans has an important influence on the final flavour. Geography, altitude, soil, climate, rainfall, sunlight and other natural factors all contribute to a bean’s unique characteristics. Higher elevations yield denser beans that are distinguished by deeper and more intense flavours due to a higher concentration of sugar.


Type Olive oil

Produced for ARKET by Azienda Agricola 'Dora’ in Villarosa, Sicily, our extra-virgin olive oil is made solely from native Sicilian olives – mainly Biancolilla, with notes of Moresca and Nocellara Etnea – all hand-harvested at the perfect stage of maturity.

The Dora farm is owned and managed by Vincenza Ferrara and her family. The farm grows and presses its own olives, which minimises the time between harvest and extraction and enables the farm to control every stage of the cycle, from tree to bottle.

The hilly zones of central Sicily have a temperate microclimate and Dora farm’s olive grove is on a gentle slope with little shade, exposing each tree to a high level of sunlight. The clay soil is rich in nutrients and part of a preserved ecosystem where olive, almond, apple and citrus trees as well as many species of wild plants grow. Together with the right quantities of rainfall throughout the year, this provides the ideal conditions for olives.


café Homeware


005001-669 Skedblad chair

Designed in 1933 by furniture designer Carl Malmsten and named after the bowl of a spoon, the Skedblad side chair is used to furnish all ARKET cafés. The chair is based on original drawings from the Malmsten archives and handcrafted from solid oak by Tre Sekel in Tibro, a centre for woodworking and furniture manufacturing in the southwest of Sweden. Put back into production and made exclusively for ARKET, Skedblad is available for sale through


Café Pastry drop

Following the four distinctive seasons that influence the pace and tastes of Nordic cooking, occasional pastry drops are introduced in addition to the permanent menu. The new introductions are variations of traditional Swedish pastries and signature ARKET sweets, with changing ingredients expressing a seasonal theme.


A variation of the classic Swedish cinnamon bun, topped with
salt-roasted almonds and homemade salty-caramel sauce.
Dark-chocolate tart with earthy flavours from puffed grains and chopped
coffee beans, and a slightly bitter grapefruit acidity.