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Merino Wool Knitted Dress

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Line dry, Care Dry Clean, wash at or below 30°c - gentle cycle, iron at medium temperature, only non-chlorine bleach.


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234049-010ProductMerino Wool Knitted Dress

History A-line

The A-line was the most influential of a series of mid-1950s couture collections that all departed from the outdated post-war silhouette by de-emphasising the waist in favour of cleaner lines and a more casual and practical look.

‘A-line’ was the name of a specific spring 1955 collection but soon came to denote a general silhouette that was being adopted by several leading Paris designers. The style was especially popular from its launch until the mid-1970s. It is characterised by smooth shapes with narrow shoulders and an undefined waist, resembling the capital letter A.

An A-line skirt usually has a high waistline and is fitted over the hips with seams or darts before widening towards the hem; an A-line dress flares from a fitted shoulder line, often ending just above the knees. Both are highly structured garments, often cut in one piece and sewn without pleats or slits, with a pronounced triangular shape.

program Merino Yarn Project


program Merino Yarn Project

Designing a unique yarn for ARKET knitted fabrics means that the construction of a garment begins at the fibre level. This yarn, made from organic merino-wool fibres, runs through the entire collection and functions as the foundation of each style.

The fibres are spun in two directions with different amounts of twist to produce a yarn with optimal balance and strength. The yarn is then knitted in a variety of tensions and textures, which results in the same construction serving essentially different versions depending on the combinations of yarn count (weight and fineness) and gauge (number of needles per inch).

Based on a mathematical formula, the combinations have been developed for each knit to achieve the best possible performance from the natural raw material. By customising both yarn and knitting technique, it is possible to go beyond conventional qualities and create completely distinctive knitted fabrics characterised by durability and firm body.

Supplier Fujian Wanjiamei textile clothing

Based in the city of Quanzhou – which lies on the coast between Guangzhou and Shanghai – the Fujian factory designs and manufactures high-quality heavy knits. The company was founded in 2006, and its 1,500 employees are skilled in yarn winding, knitting panels, linking and special workmanship techniques – like advanced embroidery and traditional intarsia knitting by hand. With a number of quality and environmental certifications, Fujian reduces their waste and emissions by employing a better utilisation rate of raw materials. They are crafting heavy-knit pieces for ARKET, using all of their advanced skills – including embroidery and hand knitting. 

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