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designer Carina Seth Andersson

Balancing the proportions in utility items has always distinguished the work of Swedish designer Carina Seth Andersson. With ARKET, she has created a series of glazed clay bowls and plates that unite function and form inspired by traditional Nordic and Japanese crafts


Recipe Amandine potatoes with aged cheese and sour cream


Plant cuttings

Combining her own cuttings and plantlets with foraged city wild flowers, Jin Ahn of Conservatory Archives created a series of botanical still lifes with ARKET’s glass vases, to showcase how they can be used for simple propagation.


Tea drinking

Category Tea

The earliest method of brewing tea was similar to the way matcha is prepared today. The traditions and practices of tea culture were first formulated in the poetic treatise ‘The classic of tea’. Written in 8th century China, it covers the growing, picking, brewing, serving, history and health benefits of tea. ’Pictorial of tea ware’, compiled in the 13th century, is a picture book with visual descriptions of all utensils needed in preparation, from water vessel to bowl and whisk. Originally, only green teas were consumed. Black tea is made with oxidised leaves from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, and has been favoured by Western tastes since the 1500s.

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