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Suppliers Throughout the production chain, we build on a foundation of strong and trusting relationships with skilled suppliers across the world.

Since our launch in 2017, our collections have been designed in collaboration with modern garments manufacturers in China, Turkey and Bangladesh, with organic cotton growers in India, responsible wool farms in Uruguay, producers of circular materials in Slovenia and Hungary, as well as traditional weaving mills in Sweden, Italy, England and Japan. This is a selection of the fabric suppliers, suiting mills and factories that we work with.


Artifex is a Romanian apparel manufacturer known for qualitative garments and its use of latest equipment.


Aquafil is the supplier behind ECONYL® - an innovative nylon yarn, produced entirely from recovered fishnets and other nylon waste.


Bottinelli is a small family-owned weaving mill founded in 1931 in Villa Guardia, Lombardy – an important centre for Italian silk and textile production.

Flamingo Fashion

Flamingo Fashion is part of a Dhaka-based conglomerate called DBL Group, one of the top-five apparel and textile manufacturers in Bangladesh.

Foshan Huilong

Foshan Huilong Knitting & Apparel, established in 1994, is based in the Guangdong province of southern China and manufactures circular-knit cotton jersey for ARKET.

Fujian Wanjiamei

Based in the city of Quanzhou – which lies on the coast between Guangzhou and Shanghai – the Fujian factory designs and manufactures high-quality heavy knits.


The snow-covered peaks of the southern Alps form a beautiful background to the village of Costa Masnaga, located north of Milan in the Lombardy region.


Marconi is a Chinese garment manufacturer, specialising in high-quality pieces for men and women.



Marzotto has been making fabrics in the Italian town of Valdagno for more than 180 years.


Founded in 1992, Pimkie is an apparel manufacturer and exporter based in Bangladesh, whose factory has been ranked one of the most modern in the country.


Re:Down® products are 100% natural and chemical-free – washed in hot thermal water and sterilised at high temperature.
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Number of suppliers per country/region

Number of suppliers per market: China - 24, Turkey - 27, Bangladesh 25, Hong Kong - 17, Portugal - 14, India - 8, Italy - 8, Sweden 7. For a full list of suppliers check the link below

For our 2020 collections, we have been working with a total of 170 suppliers in 24 different countries or regions. Besides the ones displayed above, our products are made in collaboration with partners in Korea, France, Thailand, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Germany, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Spain, Sri Lanka, Poland and Hungary. 11% of our suppliers are based in one of these countries/regions.

The above numbers are based on the official registered location of our suppliers. This is sometimes different from the location of their production facility.


Much of the textile and apparel manufacturing industry is in countries where labour laws and labour market institutions are still developing and do not conform to international standards. This presents the challenge of consistently ensuring good working conditions, improved wages, worker representation and development opportunities.

We aim to play a proactive role in ensuring that the rights of workers in our supply chain are upheld, as well as advocating for wider changes in labour practices to enable systematic progress. We want to be a force for positive change by creating good jobs and good working conditions. Together with our suppliers, we continually work to develop and improve our production supply chain while collaborating with a range of stakeholders to push for regulatory improvements and higher industry standards. We are proud to share the names and locations of the people we collaborate with as well as other information about how our products are made. By providing as much background and knowledge as possible, we want to simplify good choices and strengthen the relationship between our customers and our products.

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