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Our new series of Patchwork Denim is a circular collection made using vintage fabrics from our recycling program with I:Collect. The unique manufacturing process makes each garment one-of-a-kind and grants it a tactile quality with a lived-in feel.

To create the dimensional patchwork texture, each reclaimed garment is washed and sorted before being cut up into patches and sewn together to form large sheets of irregular fabric shapes. The patchwork sheets are then used instead of conventional fabric rolls as the foundation for creating new designs.

Women ARKET Patchwork Denim

Longevity and reuse are an intrinsic part of denim’s history and a characteristic expression of the fabric’s language. Originally designed as workwear, it was always natural to mend and patch worn denim to extend its lifespan. ARKET’s Patchwork Denim continues this time-honoured narrative, leaving out the resource-intensive process of producing new materials.

Children ARKET Patchwork Denim

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Textiles should never be thrown away. A lot of unwanted clothes end up in landfills today even though they could still be used as a valuable resource.  

Recycle with ARKET is our program for collecting unwanted garments, shoes and home textiles inside our stores. In collaboration with the German company I:Collect we make sure all products are sorted for either re-wear, reuse or material recycling. No textile should ever be thrown away in the trash but can instead be treated as a valuable resource.

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