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ARKET people

Quality means different things to different people. In order to find out its multiple meanings, we invited some friends of the brand to share their vision of quality and its role in modern-day dressing. 


Alexis Foreman

Content Creator, London 

A wife and a mother of three, Alexis Foreman is a graphic designer by trade and the content creator behind Stylememos, the online platform where she inspires and influences people on topics that range from fashion and beauty to the arts. We joined her on a busy day in London, where she usually travels for work.

“I love classic pieces that I can wear time and time again, season after season. These are the hard-working items that go way beyond trends and outlast fads, making everyday dressing so easy. When I’ve put my phone down and I’m not working but just relaxing on a weekend, these are the pieces that I want to be wearing. I know I don’t have to think about my outfit – it just works.”

Aaron Christian

Filmmaker, London 

Aaron Christian is a born and raised East Londoner. He lives there with his partner, Iman Alem. Having worked in the fashion industry for several years, he is today a filmmaker and runs a number of personal projects around personal style, fashion and menswear. We met Aaron and Iman at Mae & Harvey, their favourite café in Bow, East London.

“If you wear quality pieces, you can wear less and they just feel more luxurious than they look. You can tell when something fits well. It adds another layer to your style that not everyone would notice, but some people would understand. Investing can also come down to educating yourself on maintenance and understanding how to take care of something. That’s something that we’ve tried to do. It allows you to give some of your items a bit more life – and feel better about it.“

Stella von Senger und Etterlin

Hair and Make-Up Artist, Berlin 

Trained to be a hair and make-up artist, Berlin-based Stella von Serger und Etterlin is today also an art director and a stylist who is used to work behind and in front of the camera. We met her at her home in Berlin, where we talked about the importance of the lifespan of clothing.

“When I buy a piece of clothing, I often think, will my children open my closet and think, ‘Can I have this?’, ‘Can I borrow this?’ ‘Will you give this to me?’ That is how I think about pieces. Are they beautiful enough, and is the quality good enough, to survive until my kids can wear them? I remember opening my mother’s wardrobe, or even my grandmother’s. That is for me the happiest moment: to get to have something from them, something that they have already worn when they were young. This can only happen with pieces of good quality. I want a closet full of that.”

Alexx Weeber and Anton Cobb

Creative Director Duo, Berlin 

Alexx Weeber and Anton Cobb are the Berlin-based creative director duo behind Alexx and Anton. A former chef and modern dancer, respectively, they joined forces fifteen years ago in New York, relocated to Berlin, and followed an organic journey that took them to the fashion industry. We met them in Mitte, in Berlin, where we discussed the visual and sensual elements of style.

“There’s always a sensuality in everything I like to do. You can definitely feel quality when you touch it – what you feel is what makes the difference. When cooking, if the ingredients are good, a soup will taste good, and it’s the same with clothes. That is actually a very simple concept in life. When you have good materials, it works. That’s what I am looking for.” Alexx Webber

“I tend to collect pieces that you can do many things with. I love versatility, ultimately, and having the option to switch. That’s how one finds individuality, through the way that people do things, the ‘how’. We both try to incorporate quality into every aspect of our lives and I think that there is a belief behind quality, with a conviction and a technical ground to it. It’s the knowledge to do the best, be your best, share your best.” Anton Cobb

Iman Alem

Fashion Editor, London 

Born in Algiers but raised in Paris, Iman Alem is today based in East London, where she lives with her partner Aaron Christian. With a ten-year-long career in fashion, she is today a fashion editor in London, where she works styling campaigns for luxury brands. We met Iman and Aaron at Mae & Harvey, their favourite café in Bow, East London.

“We recently made a conscious decision to change the way we shop – we decided to buy less but buy better. It all comes down to building up your wardrobe, buying all these pieces that you’ll be wearing for years. My job is thinking of new outfits constantly, so when it comes to mine, I want to reach out for anything in my wardrobe and know that it’s going to make me feel and look great.”