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brand Midori

Midori is a Japanese stationery brand established in the 1950s, offering a collection of minimalist and meticulously crafted paper goods and playfully designed office supplies.

 Midori A5 Notebook, Lined
Product Midori A5 Notebook, Lined
Color White
150 SEK
 Midori Notebook, Lined
Product Midori Notebook, Lined
Color White
120 SEK

brand Midori

midori logo

Japanese brand Midori , founded in the 1950s, creates beautiful paper and stationery products reflecting both the tranquil zen and the colourful kawaii side of Japan with equal dedication to sophisticated, creative design and materials used. The assortment spans from their original luxurious writing paper – crafted from broad-leaf tree pulp since the 1960s and world-famous for its smooth texture and soft writing sound – to minimalist notebooks and paper clips in the shape of animals and small figures.