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Brand Peugeot

Product PEUGEOT Mignonette Pepper Mill
Color Silver
1500 SEK

Brand Peugeot

Peugeot logo
Peugeot logo

The first Peugeot bicycle was hand-built by one of the two Peugeot brothers in 1882 and the first car, a steam-powered three-wheeler, was manufactured in 1889. Founded in the early 19th century when the family’s grain mill was transformed into a steelwork, their company engineered a variety of steel products – umbrella frames, clock mechanisms, saws, crinolines, corset stays, irons and sewing machines – and in 1840 the first mill, made for grinding coffee and known as ‘the ordinary model’, was developed. Soon after, Peugeot started manufacturing its now world-famous wooden pepper mill using a similar grinding system; a double helix-shaped row of teeth grips and cracks each dried peppercorn in half before it becomes more finely milled. The lion in the Peugeot logotype is a symbol for the company’s home region of Franche-Comté in eastern France, and was designed to illustrate the strength and sharpness of its products.