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Technique G2 Wash

The G2 method converts air into ozone to wash fabrics from impurities and dye residue, and to create a soft and broken-in feel in garments without the use of toxic chemicals. The gas is then converted back to purified air and is released back into the atmosphere. The innovative process significantly reduces water and energy usage and can be applied to both knitted and woven fabrics.

Technique G2 wash

Technique G2 Wash

G2 is one of the washing and finishing methods used for ARKET garments. The innovative process converts air from the atmosphere into ozone to cleanse fabrics from impurities and dye residue, significantly reducing water and energy usage.

The procedure can be further applied to achieve a variety of visual finishes like fading and bleaching – without any need for toxic chemicals. After the process is complete, the gas is converted back into purified air and released into the atmosphere.

Used for both knitted, jersey and woven fabrics including denim, the G2 treatment creates a soft and broken-in feel.