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women Yoga

Dedicating time to relax, unwind and find your centre is tricky when you are on a busy schedule. This season, we have coupled up with Stockholm yogi and wellness entrepreneur Johanna Ljunggren to talk about life in the city, everyday balance and how yoga helps her find her creative flow.

‘Although I long for a quiet life in the country from time to time, the city is my home now, and this is where I need to find my daily rest. Juggling between work, family and finding time for oneself is not always easy. But to me, balance is not constant, just as life never stands still. Sometimes you need to lose your balance in order to grow from finding your way back. It’s not something negative – it is how you learn to be more you.’

‘Yoga has taught me to connect to my breath and my body, something so essential and yet so easy to forget in the midst of stress. When I move consciously with my body through the practice, my creative mind is restored to a neutral form and then rekindled, so that it can flow freely again.’

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