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program Upcycled Down™

A new collection of lightweight outerwear and accessories, offering superior natural warmth from reclaimed materials. Upcycling is a sustainable way of giving old products new value by reusing them in creative and innovative ways.

Supplier Re:Down®

ARKET Upcycled Down™ is made from 100% pre-used, recycled down and feathers. The materials are washed in natural thermal water and cleaned without chemicals.

Down is ideal for lightweight insulating outerwear. The down clusters have a unique three-dimensional shape which traps warm air to retain body heat. It also makes it an incredibly soft, breathable material to wear in cool temperatures; easy to pack and compress.

Recycling down is not a new innovation. It’s a durable and resilient material that can retain its natural properties for a lifetime, and historically, it was normal for down from pillows and duvets to be cleaned and reused. It was how you made the most of a valuable resource.

All of our recycled down is supplied by Re:Down which is based in Hungary and France. Pre-used down and feathers are collected from discarded clothing, sleeping bags and bedding products, then washed and sterilised at high temperature. No chemicals are used. A third of the factory’s electricity is produced by solar power and all wastewater from the washing process is recycled back into clean drinking water.

Each Re:Down product is traceable back to the stage of waste collection and certified to the Global Recycled Standard.

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