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responsible wool - Organic cotton - Tencel

Long-lasting quality and durable design begin at the fibre level, which is why we always strive to source the most sustainable and responsible materials possible to create our collections. 

material  Responsible Wool Standard

Carrying a wide selection of wool products, it has been important for us to find a more sustainable way of sourcing raw materials. From 2018, all our merino wool is certified to the Responsible Wool Standard which means that animal welfare is always considered and respected; it also means a progressive and more sustainable use of the land. The RWS ensures that the sheep live a healthy life with the freedom to express their normal behaviour.



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material  Organic cotton

Organic cotton has all the properties of conventional cotton. It is an extremely versatile material – it’s very soft, breathable and easy to dye – and it can be turned in to a wide variety of fabrics. In contrast to conventional cotton, organic cotton is farmed without the use of chemicals or GMOs and enhances the fertility and biodiversity of the soil it’s grown in, which makes it a more sustainable option.


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material  TENCEL®

TENCEL® is produced with pulp from sustainably planted eucalyptus and other fast-growing types of wood. The yarn is spun with minimal chemical waste, and both fibres and the fabrics made from them are biodegradable. Fabrics made with pure TENCEL® fibres have a cotton-like appearance and a smooth, silky feel. More often, though, the fibres are added to other materials in yarn blends and used for their functional properties. 

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