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ARKET Basics Collection

Our well-considered assortment of classic everyday staples for men and women. Carefully designed for an effortless fit and made from quality materials that stand the test of repetitive use.

ABC All day, every day

Basics are the building blocks of every wardrobe; simple yet essential garments that need to live up to the demands of everyday use. ABC is ARKET’s basic collection of carefully curated t-shirts, underwear, and socks, designed with close attention to fit, feel and durability. Pick and mix your personal line-up of basics or be inspired by some of our favourite combinations.

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ABC T-shirts

Our range of T-shirts contains the fundamental styles of the wardrobe shelf. All are made with soft yet crisp cotton that stand the test of regular washing without losing fit and feel. They are cut with close attention to proportion, not too tight or loose, ensuring clean and flattering silhouettes.

Men T-shirts

The Midweight T-shirt

A standard design in the wardrobe, cut with a regular fit and made from soft, firm cotton. Shop now

The Heavyweight T-shirt

Final-layer favourite with a slightly more relaxed fit, made from sturdy cotton with vintage-like feel. Shop now


The Oversized T-shirt

A voluminous T-shirt made from 50% recycled cotton fibres together with Texloop ™ Recycling. Shop now


The Double Knit T-shirt

Complete the shelf with a comfortable pick, made from heavyweight cotton stretch with a regular fit. Shop now

Women T-shirts

The Crew-Neck T-shirt

A truly classic T-shirt, single knitted with a regular fit and made from naturally whiter long-staple cotton. Shop now

The Heavyweight T-shirt

Made from a dense cotton stretch with a regular fit, this tee is a great companion to denim or dressed trousers. Shop now

The Oversized T-shirt

Comfortably cut with volume for when you want to feel a bit more relaxed, made from long-staple pima cotton. Shop now

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ABC Socks

Socks are a small but essential part of the wardrobe, making sure that your feet feel great from morning to night. The ABC line of socks are made from high-quality organic cotton, supima cotton or mercerized cotton to ensure durability, dryness and wearing comfort. The design is kept in basic black to simplify washing, pairing and restocking.

Men Socks

Supima Cotton Socks

A classic sock in long-lasting, colourfast Supima cotton blend with a reinforced toe and heel. Shop now

Mercerised Cotton Socks

A thinner sock in a refined mercerised cotton blend with slight lustre and durable strength. Shop now

Women Socks

Organic Cotton Rib Socks

A comfortable and classic sock consciously made from an organic cotton blend.  Shop now

Mercerised Rib Socks

A rib-knitted sock made from crisp mercerised cotton with a reinforced toe and heel. Shop now

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ABC Underwear

The garments you wear closest to your body should make you feel your best all day long. The ABC curation of underwear is fit-comes-first styles, selected with a special attention to material and supporting comfort. Upgrade your underwear drawer with sleek silhouette styles in sophisticated black that are equally easy to wear and refill.

Men Underwear

Pima Cotton Briefs

Classic, close-fitted briefs made from high-quality, colourfast Pima cotton with a lined front. Shop now

Pima Cotton Trunks

Classic trunks made from high-quality Pima cotton with added stretch for ultimate comfort.  Shop now

Women Underwear

Seamless Bra

Light support seamless bra partly made of recycled polyamide. An ideal basic to wear underneath T-shirts or shirts for all-day comfort and coverage. Shop now

Seamless Briefs

High-waist briefs partly made of recycled polyamide, featuring a clean design and a seamless construction. Team with the seamless bra for a matching set. Shop now

Care For your basics

Sustainability is at the core of ARKET, naturally incorporated in all of our processes. One of the greatest things we can do to reduce our environmental footprint is to make our garments last longer by caring for them and thereby elongate their lifespan.

It is a given that garments you wear closest to your body on an everyday basis need to be washed regularly but by doing this in a more conscious way you can reduce the effect on the environment.
Don’t wash your T-shirts more often than necessary. Spot-treating and steaming T-shirts is a great alternative to washing. In between washes, air to regain a fresh feeling or use garment refresher spray.
Wash all basics at the lowest temperature and the shortest cycle possible to save water and use a natural, biodegradable liquid rinse. Shake it to minimise wrinkles and hang or lay flat to air-dry.

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