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Curiosity, vulnerability and camaraderie

ARTIST Christina Moreland (b. 1993) uses her work to advocate for kindness and love, as well as to shine some light on societal issues that need attention. Inspired by the limitless possibilities of illustration and cartooning, her creative expression leans toward a vintage-inspired style defined by a bright palette and charmingly exaggerated features.

After growing up in Germany, Christina Moreland moved on to the United States and she is currently based in Los Angeles, California. A brand designer and cartoonist, she draws inspiration from her life experience, her mixed upbringing and her queer identity to create works that are a gentle but necessary call to action to invite for positive change.

Christina's work for ARKET Artist Edition makes reference to current affairs and promotes love and kindness – not only between each other, but also towards the planet. In fact, her visual universe is filled with a joyful yet committed optimism. We spoke with her to find out more about this interesting duality, the power of art and her thoughts on the new generation, the adults of the future who can teach us, in her own words, “curiosity, vulnerability and camaraderie.”

'I grew up watching my father draw cartoons and my grandfather sketch in his journal, so I fell in love with illustration and art very early on. Cartoons are typically whimsical, funny, simple, and playful but what I love most about them is the freedom of expression. They give us a chance to reimagine real things, ideas and people, and can be an incredible tool for delivering educational messages and meaningful life lessons in a simplified and creative way.'

'I think art absolutely has the power to change the world for the better.'

Artist Christina Moreland

'I try to combine my passion for justice with tenderness, doodles, and sometimes a little bit of humor. I’ve just noticed that most people respond well to this juxtaposition. I also think a lot of this stems from my personality; I’m very serious about doing “what’s right”, advocating for others who may not have as loud of a voice, and speaking on issues that impact our well-being as a whole. However, outside of my activism, I’m a silly person and don’t take myself very seriously. I also love making people laugh and feel good.'

'As a Black and queer person, sometimes I have to completely disconnect and detach myself because activism work or media can be traumatizing. I don’t believe hate or bigotry or intolerance are inherent human traits; these things are unfortunately taught and reinforced and perpetuated. So I take breaks and just keep fighting.'

'Last year was really hard, to say the least. And it was in those dark and lonely hours that I turned to my art, as I always do. I just wanted and needed to create something that made me feel better and made me laugh a little bit. I needed to create something that provided some goodness amidst the chaos. What I didn’t expect or predict was just how much that series would change my life and how much it resonated with others.'

'We are so much more than the jobs we do, the work we create, and the accolades we earn. Take the time to slow down, to challenge your own beliefs, to explore, to romanticize the Earth that surrounds you, and to reconnect with your emotions and soul.'

Artist Edition Christina Moreland

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