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Raw-Edge Wool Jersey Blazer

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Line dry, iron at medium temperature, dry clean, any solvent except tetrachloroethylene, do not wash, only non-chlorine bleach.


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240002-161ProductRaw-Edge Wool Jersey Blazer

material Raw wool

raw wool

Material Raw wool

The performance of Raw wool™ is determined by several factors but the fibre diameter – measured in microns – is the single most important characteristic. Wool fibres for clothing typically span from 15 to 25 microns. The lower the diameter (the higher the number), the more prone to wear and tear the knits will be. By using extra-strong 28-29 micron fibres, ARKET has been able to achieve superior durability and a unique appearance of the knitted garments.

Before Raw wool™ can be spun into yarn, the fibres are stripped of grease and impurities. Due to this process, it tends to have an initially dry hand feel, which diminishes over time as the fibres naturally become smoother and more pliable. This way, ARKET’s wool knits can maintain their long-lasting quality and gain character with age.

Through different combinations of needle size, tension, ply and knitting structure, the same yarn can be knitted into a variety of outcomes. ARKET Raw wool™ knits go as fine as 16GG for a loose tension and airy feel, whereas heavy knits are made with 7GG to 9GG for a dense structure and maximal insulating properties. 

Care Wool

Merino wool, lambswool, mohair – there are many different types of wool. Most do not need to be washed that often and can be spot cleaned where needed and simply aired out.

When you do wash wool, always check the instructions on the care label first and either wash it by hand or in the delicate cycle on your washing machine on a low temperature and with a mild detergent. Put wool in a mesh washing bag to prevent snagging and felting.

To avoid stretching the wool fibres, do not wring wool clothes and always dry them flat, preferably on a towel to absorb any extra moisture. Ironing after washing helps to restore the material’s natural sheen – use a steam iron on the wool setting and a pressing cloth.

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