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Alpaca Blend V-Neck Jumper

£ 79
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ID 222203-114
Department Women
Type Knitwear
Product 222203

Light Green Melange


Dark Blue


Made in
Shanghai Jingqingrong Garment

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Hand wash cold, Iron at low temperature, Flat dry, Dry clean any solvent except tetrachloroethylene.


Light Green Melange


Dark Blue


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222203-114ProductAlpaca Blend V-Neck Jumper

material Alpaca

Material Alpaca

Alpacas are gentle, camel-like animals native to the high Andes mountains of South America. For thousands of years, their soft and glossy coats have been sheared and then spun into a luxurious yarn. Its beauty and durability made it the cloth of the ancient Incan royalty. The yarns are commonly airy and light, with surprising strength and elasticity. Still a luxury fibre, alpaca is used for fancy-knit jumpers and soft knitted accessories.

Like sheep’s wool, alpaca is naturally warm and water-repellent but much softer and suited to sensitive skin due to its smoother surface and lack of lanolin. Because the animals are only sheared every other year, their fine fibres grow exceptionally long – up to 30 centimetres. Hollow shafts in the centre of the fibres absorb and trap body heat, giving the material unique insulation properties. The fleece come in over 300 shades and is mostly used in its natural colours.

material RWS

Our merino wool comes from responsible and sustainably minded farms in Uruguay and Australia. From 2018, all merino used for our knitwear collection is certified to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) which makes it possible to trace the material all the way back to the farm. 


The goals of the RWS are to protect the sheep that supply the wool and the land on which they graze. ‘Responsible’ means that animal welfare is always considered and respected; it also means environmental care on the farms and a progressive, more sustainable use of the land. The animals are guaranteed a healthy life and provided with their essential freedoms, including the freedom to express their normal behaviour, freedom from hunger, thirst, fear and distress, and freedom from pain or discomfort.


The RWS is an independent, voluntary program ensuring that the wool we use comes from certified, responsible farms – and that it’s properly handled and identified through the entire production process. It provides a universal reference tool for us and the suppliers we work with, committing everyone involved in the making of our products to the same high standards. Ultimately, it allows customers to be confident that what they buy is made in a truly responsible way. 

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Alpaca Blend V-Neck Jumper £ 79
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