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Goose-Eye Stripe Tea Towel


Dark blue

Dark grey

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Iron at medium temperature, tumble dry at medium temperature, do not dry clean, only non-chlorine bleach.


Dark blue

Dark grey


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570134-281ProductGoose-Eye Stripe Tea Towel

Pattern Goose-eye

Goose eye weaving

Goose-eye is a type of diamond twill that is woven to create a repeating, concentric rhomboid shape with an intersection in the centre – making it look like a bird’s eye. This thick and warm material is created from a basic twill weave that changes at regular intervals during the weaving process. The multi-directional weaving process allows it to stretch in many directions.

When woven with the warp and weft in contrasting colours, the resemblance to a bird’s eye is even more distinct. Goose-eye twill is also called lozenge or bird’s eye twill.

Early Scandinavians were likely the first to weave this specific pattern – the durable, three-dimensional weave provided added insulation in the wet, frigid climate – and well-preserved scraps of twill have even been found at Viking burial sites.

goose eye pattern

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