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family  Florals

Fresh and sweet with notes of
jasmine and citrus

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scent  NEROLI (new)

Neroli extract comes from the highly fragrant bitter orange tree blossoms, Citrus aurantium. The essential oil is a fundamental ingredient in the history of traditional colognes. Known for blending well with other floral fragrances, neroli is bright and floral, slightly sweet with light notes of jasmine and fresh citrus.

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scent   Oakmoss
Deep and earthy with fresh spicy notes and a hint of bark
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scent   Vetiver
Fresh and bright with notes of citrus and damp grass
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scent   Geranium
Soft and rose-like with hints of citrus and mint
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scent   Neroli (new)
Fresh and sweet with notes of jasmine and citrus
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scent   Baie Rose
Rosey and herbal with a light underlying piquancy
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scent   Rosemary
Rich and complex with notes of citrus, mint, pine and lavender