Security And Safety

In order to protect our customers, users, visitors, assets and business against violence, fraud, theft, misuse and other malicious activities, we have put in place a range of different security and safety measures. Some of these measures will require personal data to function.

How we process your data and what personal data we use will be different depending on the application and field of use. We may for instance use your order history, payment data and shopping behaviour to detect online loss or fraud. We may use tools and services to detect misuse of our online services and web sites by use of “cookies”. To keep you updated about the use of “cookies”, please check out our Cookie Notice here

In many of our stores we use surveillance cameras to detect and prevent thefts, fraud and enhance the security and safety for our customers and staff.

We may share your personal data with third parties for security and safety purposes. For example, we will share your data with companies that help us detect and prevent potential fraud and thefts. We may share relevant information with insurance companies for claim handling and to law enforcement agencies in so far as we are compelled to do so by legal obligation. Please be aware that such recipients will have an independent right and/or duty to process your personal data in their own interest or by a legal obligation. 
Unless there is a specific legal obligation, the processing of your personal data for security and safety purposes is based on our legitimate interest.

We will keep your personal data no more than necessary for each purpose.

We will keep images from our surveillance cameras for a maximum period of 30 days unless we are obliged by law or public authority to keep and/or process data for a longer period.

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data that is based on ARKET's legitimate interest by contacting Customer Service