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3 for 2 The perfect T-shirt

Is there such a thing as a perfect T-shirt? Yes, and no. We’ve used carefully sourced cotton, tried out various fabric weights, and created designs with different looks and fits to produce a few alternative versions. In the end, it comes down to what type of T-shirt you prefer, and how you want to wear it. Find the one that is perfect for you.



Two of our colleagues from the ARKET design studio share their thoughts on the everyday essential.


“Being a staple-kind-of-guy and picky about quality and fit, I always search for the perfect basics. Once I’ve found my favourites, I usually keep them for many years. I really appreciate the beauty and comfort of ageing garments, and only high-quality products allow you to experience that.”

Kenjiro Kuwana
Knitwear specialist at ARKET


“All bodies are different and details such as the shape of our shoulders vary from person to person. It’s difficult to make one T-shirt that fits all, and that’s why we always work with a variety of fits when creating the collection. If one T-shirt doesn’t fit you, try another style to find the one that is perfect for you.”

Marja Lundquist 
Pattern maker at ARKET