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Supplier Komatsu Seiren

Komatsu Seiren is one of Japan’s leading textile manufacturers, established in 1943. The company specialises in high-quality synthetic fibres and fabrics, as well as in customised fabric treatments that produce garments and accessories with unique visual and tactile properties.

Supplier Komatsu

Established in 1943 as a washing company for woven silks, Komatsu Seiren is one of the leading fabric manufacturers in Japan, offering a wide range of premium textiles from advanced fashion and performance fabrics to building materials.

Over the years, Komatsu Seiren has developed several unique technologies to produce synthetic fabrics of unparalleled quality. The company’s research team innovates functional films that can be applied to woven fabrics in the dyeing process, to achieve end products with individual visual and tactile properties.

A number of Komatsu Serien’s specially engineered fabrics are used by ARKET’s men’s collection. A water-repellent polyester-and-nylon blend has been developed for the shell layers of the 2-in-1 Series™; the compact weave is pre-shrunk for extra density and strength, and is distinguished by a dry and slightly rigid texture that softens and takes on the shape of the body with wear.

The repetitions of the ARKET Archive Series ‘2017’, modeled after original utility and military bags, are produced with three fabrics of essentially different character – a shiny navy-blue mid-weight nylon, which is a replica of the fabrics used in MA-1 pilot jackets; a soft khaki-green nylon satin with a matt vintage lustre; and a unique extra-firm nylon weave with a canvas-like texture – named after dried Japanese kelp ­– that is hard enough to stand on its own.

Komatsu Seiren is located in the Ishikawa prefecture – in the city of Kaga – on the coast of Sea of Japan.

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