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brand Iris hantverk

Iris Hantverk’s brushes are bound by hand by skilled, visually impaired craftsmen in Stockholm, using traditional techniques and natural materials.

 Iris Hantverk Rack, 4 Hooks
 Iris Hantverk Dust Set
 Iris Hantverk Bath Brush
 Iris Hantverk Hair Brush
 Iris Hantverk Nail Brush
 Iris Hantverk Nail Brush
 Iris Hantverk Cedar Wood Rings
 Iris Hantverk Dough Scraper

brand Iris hantverk

iris hantverk logo

The history of Iris Hantverk is closely connected to that of the visually impaired movement and community in Sweden and dates back to 1870, when a workhouse for visually impaired craftsmen was founded in Stockholm. In 1906 a factory and warehouse for brush-binding and basket-making was built by an association supporting self-sustainment and equal access to work – and this laid the foundation for the development of Iris Hantverk. Today, the company employs 14 people in Sweden and also collaborates with visually impaired craftsmen in Estonia. The core of the business is its brush-binding manufacturing in the south of Stockholm, where five visually impaired craftsmen from different cultures make brushes by hand, with the same traditional technique that was used over 100 years ago. Their brushes are made from natural materials such as birch, beech and oak, horsehair and goat hair, as well as various plant fibres.