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Scent Oakmoss

 Body Wash Oakmoss, 500 ml
 Body Cream Oakmoss, 300 ml
 Hand Wash Oakmoss, 300 ml
 Hand Lotion Oakmoss, 300ml
 Hand Balm Oakmoss, 50 ml
 Scented Candle Oakmoss 210 g
 Scented Candle Oakmoss 120 g

Scent Oakmoss


Oakmoss is a pale-green lichen that grows by symbiosis on the bark of both deciduous trees and conifers, primarily on oaks. It is harvested in cool and damp forested regions in Central Europe and around the Mediterranean Sea. The rootless plant hangs from the trunks and branches in bushy clusters, with a length of about three centimetres. Oakmoss has a deep and earthy scent, with fresh spicy tones and a hint of bark. It has been used in perfumery since the 16th century and is one of the essential ingredients in classic chypre and fougère fragrances, both forest-like with woody accords. Oakmoss is often a counterpoint to floral and citrus notes and, on its own, it is reminiscent of foliage and damp soil.