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with Lolita Astra

Becoming a parent is a unique moment in life that inspires our collections of baby clothing. Very often, parenthood brings changes in our routines and priorities, and these shifts are fundamental considerations of our design team. Thought to make life simpler as everything else changes, these pieces are made to be treasured while worn and remembered forever.

As we introduce our A/W 2022 collection of baby clothes, we spoke to Lolita Astra about her life as a new mother. From caring for the environment more than ever to taking the right steps towards a better future, her words resonate with the stories of contemporary parenthood we often experience first-hand within our teams, friends and families.

‘Since I became a mother, my life changed completely. It’s impossible to be 100% ready for this: from the moment the baby is born, every day you adapt to the new reality, organizing your life. I always try to remember that I am living a unique moment in my life, and that time, actually, passes very quickly. Also, now simple things like a shower or a cup of morning coffee become moments of pure pleasure. It’s extremely important to find your own time.’

‘For me, family is not only blood relationships – it’s also sharing similar values, interests, or just feeling a connection to a person. I was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and now I live in a little village near Barcelona. I live so far from my family and my friends. So, here, I appreciate every person that I meet with whom I share the same vision.’

‘I love using clothes passed on to us from other children! Maybe it's too sentimental, but I think these clothes have a positive energy: I imagine how some other baby walked their first steps in an outfit that some other mom chose with all her love, feeling the same as me. It makes me smile. Also, babies grow up very quickly and, for the most part, clothes are in good condition.’


‘Sustainability was important to me before, but now, with Joel, I am more aware. It’s normal: babies make us think about the future that we’ll leave for them. But, on the other hand, consumption has increased a lot since having a child, so I’m trying to keep a balance. Sometimes I'm just shocked at how many gadgets for children have been invented… And most of them are made of plastic, plastic and more plastic.’

‘Most of my baby’s stuff is second-hand. And it makes sense: since childhood, my mother altered my clothes, we often went to second-hand shops, we went to the shops with our own bags, etc. It was just our ordinary life. My mum is a dressmaker, so she taught me how to appreciate good quality of materials – for me it’s so important. Comfort is important as well, because babies are so sensitive. And a gender-neutral approach is perfect for consuming responsibly!’

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