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The arrival of gentle weather brings the possibility of reaching for certain pieces once again. Examples of good design, these items are functional, versatile and beautiful – they stand the test of time and hold a special place in our brand archives. As we infuse them with a new point of view for S/S 2022, we dedicate this edit to four iconic garments that represent our appreciation for the classics.

01 The marinière stripes

The blue and navy striped pattern that we know today has existed for centuries. Originally a fisherman’s garment tightly knitted in wool, the striped sailor’s jumper became part of the French navy uniform in the spring of 1858. Since then, it’s been copied, adapted and referred to by many. A clear reference to nautical life, it is a symbol of spring and an interesting element for designers to deconstruct and remake.

02 The spring coats

Distinguished by their common features – front buttonings, fold-up collars and roomy cuts – the belted trench coat and the straight car coat are remarkable outerwear silhouettes that were born out of their unique functionality as top layers. Usually sewn from fabrics that repel light rain, they’re both common in spring rotations, each offering a unique expression due to the marked difference at the waist. 

03 The mini skirt

Short skirts have existed repeatedly in history but the miniskirt has been an iconic piece since it emerged in the 1960s. With a hem that falls at a mid-thigh length – just a little higher than the norm at the time – its appearance revolutionized womenswear with new standards of comfort and freedom. A delight to wear with bare legs, miniskirts are one of those garments we are inclined to return to every spring. 

04 The ballerina

The revolution of the ballet shoe started in 18th century when the standard dancing footwear let go of their heels. Tied with a ribbon for secure wear, this new shoe gave dancers greater freedom of movement. Today’s ready-to-wear ballerina continues to reclaim the comfort of a flat, barely-there construction that is comfortable, lightweight and fitting for any ensemble.

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