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Wool Blend Field Jumper

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122092-032ProductWool Blend Field Jumper

material Raw wool

raw wool

Material Raw wool

The qualities of ARKET Raw wool™ are determined by several factors, but the fineness (diameter) of its fibres is the single most important characteristic. Merino wool fibres typically span from about 15 to 25 microns. Finer fibres (with a lower micron value) are more delicate and sensitive to wear and tear. By using extra-strong 29-micron fibres, we have been able to produce a material with superior durability and a unique touch and appearance.


Before Raw wool™ can be spun into yarn, the fibres are cleaned from grease and impurities. The material is initially distinguished by a slightly dry hand feel but softens with time as the fibres naturally become smoother and more pliable. Due to this process, our knits get a long-lasting quality which age beautifully over the years.


Through different combinations of needle size, tension, ply and knitting structure, a single yarn can be knitted into a variety of outcomes. ARKET Raw wool™ knits go as fine as 16 gauge, which produces fabrics with a loose tension and airy feel, while the dense structure of heavier 7 or 9 gauge knits will provide comfortable insulation and warmth.

material RWS

ARKET’s merino wool comes from responsible and sustainably minded farms in Uruguay and Australia. From A/W 2018, all our merino knitwear is certified to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) which makes it possible to trace the material used in each product, from the individual garment all the way back to the farm. The goals of the RWS are to protect the sheep that supply the wool and the land on which they graze.

‘Responsible’ means that animal welfare is always considered and respected; it also means environmental care on the farms and a progressive, more sustainable use of the land. The animals are guaranteed a healthy life and provided with their essential freedoms, including the freedom to express their normal behaviour, freedom from hunger, thirst, fear and distress, and freedom from pain or discomfort.

The RWS is an independent, voluntary program ensuring that the wool we use comes from certified, responsible farms – and that it is properly handled and identified through the entire production process. It provides a universal reference tool for us and the suppliers we work with, committing everyone involved in the making of our products to the same high standards. Ultimately, it allows customers to be confident that what they buy is made in a truly responsible way.

Supplier Fujian Wanjiamei textile clothing

supplier Fujian Wanjiamei

Based in the city of Quanzhou – which lies on the coast between Guangzhou and Shanghai – the Fujian factory designs and manufactures high-quality heavy knits. The company was founded in 2006, and its 1,500 employees are skilled in yarn winding, knitting panels, linking and special workmanship techniques – like advanced embroidery and traditional intarsia knitting by hand. With a number of quality and environmental certifications, Fujian reduces their waste and emissions by employing a better utilisation rate of raw materials. They are crafting heavy-knit pieces for ARKET, using all of their advanced skills – including embroidery and hand knitting. 

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